Below is an article published in 1963 regarding some of the history of the Old Asbury Church.


With a big thank you to The Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation of Owego, NY, The Kirby Band home, known as the Old Asbury Church, has a new look.  With a grant of $5,200, the entire building has been repainted, windows caulked and rotted wood replaced. 

The photos below show the before and after look.  Click on photo to enlarge.



Additional Renovations

With generous financial grants from the Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation, of Owego, NY and additional funds from  anonymous donors, the Kirby Band building has had major renovations.  The interior walls were sheetrocked and painted.  The walls have been insulated with blown-in insulation.  The floor has been sanded, smoothed and refinished with several coats of sealer.  Foam insulation has been sprayed underneath the floor to keep the cold air from coming in through the seams.  The foam has also stabilized the floor, making it more solid.  The attic area has been completely insulated. Members of the band volunteered their time and worked many hours refinishing the floors and placing the insulation in the attic.  Additionally, new electrical service to the building was installed, interior wiring updated and electric heat installed.  We are very grateful to our many supporters.

Summer of 2017
Joe Scaglione - Photographer


In October 2017, through a generous donation from an anonymous donor, the Kirby Band Building now has a ramp, making the building accessable to all and the Band Wagon has been refurbished with a similiar donation.