Montour Falls, NY


The check-in point is Welliver McGuire,  at 250 N. Genesee St., left off N. Catherine Street (Rt. 14).  We have confirmed that we can park at Welliver McGuire. Welliver is on the north side of town and you can see it easily from Rt. 14 (N. Catherine street on the map).  We will be lining up on Genesee St. for the parade.  The parade route is West Main Street which becomes E. Main Street after crossing Catherine Street. 

Most of us will be traveling to Montour Falls via Route 34 from Waverly to VanEtten or Route 96 to Spencer and Route 34 to VanEtten.  In VanEtten, take Route 224.  When you come to Route 14 in Montour Falls, at the "T" intersection, turn right on Route 14 and go towards Watkins Glen.  N. Genesee Street will be a left turn off  N. Catherine Street.  Welliver should be on your left.  If traveling from Elmira, Route 14 all the way to N. Genesee St., then left as noted above.


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